Brevard County Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Faire

Every year you can get your medieval on at the Brevard County Renaissance Faire, located in Wickham Park in the heart of Melbourne. Renaissance Faires, if you’ve never been to one, take you back to a world of lords-and-ladies, serfs and royalty, and some fantasy : mermaids, fairies, magicians and supernatural creature.

FencingOf course it’s all in good fun, and lots of people just come to watch. But many come in costume, so you will encounter jesters and knights and warrior princesses as you wander the Faire.

A Therapy UnicornSo grab a turkey leg and a tankard or ale (or a nice cold water), and watch fire-eaters, comedians, travelling players, comedians, acrobats, and musicians put on free shows across the many acre site.

And if you’re lucky, you might just catch a joust, or maybe even see the Queen!